Within the context of the project LIFE WolfAlps Action A3 implementation, field training for the TNP park rangers, volunteer rangers and other interested public was conducted on Monday, 16th February 2015. An event organized by the TNP and UL was aimed to provide participants with a knowledge required for the wolf monitoring in the Triglav National Park as part of the project LIFE WolfAlps core area 7.

The participants already obtained theoretical knowledge regarding the wolf monitoring last year in attending the workshops in June (Trenta) and October (Bled). A training course concerned took place in the South-eastern part of Slovenia at Kočevsko region, which is recognized as the wolf core area in the country. An event was led by experts from the Department of Biology of Ljubljana University and altogether 24 participants attended the training. The latter started with a short introduction and formation of three groups followed by the practical field surveys of Grčarice and Velika gora areas searching for signs of the wolf presence.

The participants were informed about the proper sampling methodology (seeking for samples, collecting and storing them) for further genetic analyzes. Particular attention was also paid to the use of fototraps and the identification of and distinguishing between different traces, especially between domestic dog and the wolf. The participants have completed approximately 6.5 km long route within the 4 hours lasting snowtracking of an area regularly visited by wolves.


Miha Marolt, Andrej Arih

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