An idea by MUSE – Museo delle Scienze

A production MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, TrentoSpettacoli and Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara

Scientific review LIFE WOLFALPS

With Stefano Pietro Detassis, Maura Pettorruso and Sara Rosa Losilla

Script by Maura Pettorruso

Direction Lorenzo Maragoni

Lighting Alice Colla| Set Tessa Battisti

Organization Daniele Filosi


Three characters step into the woods at dusk. A biologist, a photographer and a tourist. The wolf has returned in the Alps and the three characters have to deal with this new coexistence, each of them carrying his own story.

The three carefully observe the nature and perceive sounds, presences. A strange rendez-vous at high altitude.

They talk, about themselves and the wolf.  As if through their lives, they could meet the wolf and as if through the wolf, they could learn more about themselves.  Night falls and they rest in a place where they have good chances of spotting the wolf. They have different feelings, an echo of their lives, emotional states rooted into the experience that formed them. Whether it is real experience or the result of their imagination, beliefs, superstition or fear. Fear of the forest. Fear of a rustling sound. Fear of what is unseen and unknown. Fear of the stranger, of what is different from me, be it wolf or man. Later in the night, the place of sighting becomes dense; the forest looms over and soaks the characters’ souls. They talk, they observe, they stay silent. They feel, as if they were a presence, the eyes of the woods set upon them. A suggestion creeps in: the wolf is close, terribly close. A suggestion that shapes the woods into a sinister and cruel stage. We kill the wild, the stranger, to master ourselves.

A question lingers on: what future awaits us?




15 December 2016,  9:00 PM

Teatro Civico Magda Olivero, Via Palazzo di Città 15, Saluzzo (CN)

Free entrance. Info +39 0175 46710,


25 November 2016, 5:00 and 9:00 PM

Teatro Cuminetti, Via Santa Croce 67, Trento


Scientific and human dimension contribution by:

Michele Baracco, Irene Borgna, Mattia Colombo, Fabio Copiatti, Silvia Dalmasso, Maddalena Di Tolla, Matteo Fedeli, Omar Giordano, Claudio Groff, Diego Lonardoni, Francesca Marucco, Arianna Menzano, Cristina Movalli, Osvaldo Negra, Paolo Parricelli, Luca Pedrotti, Paola Peresin, Elisabetta Maria Rossi, Massimo Sciandra, Paola Selva, Renato Semenzato, Elena Tironi, Simone Tiso.