LIFE WOLFALPS International Final Conference

Wolf – human coexistence in the Alps and in Europe

Scientific coordination: Francesca Marucco and Luigi Boitani 

18 March pre-conference @ MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Trento (Italy)

19-20 March 2018, Teatro Auditorium, Trento



WATCH THE CLIPS of just THE FIRST DAY (in Italian)

WATCH THE CLIPS of just THE SECOND DAY (mainly in English)




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The final International Conference of the LIFE WolfAlps Project will treat the coexistence between wolf and man in the Alps and Europe, the ultimate goal of the five-year work carried out under the LIFE project.

The conference is organized in two days.

The first day (in Italian) will present the results obtained through the LIFE WOLFALPS actions carried out at 360 degrees to foster the coexistence between wolf and man on the Alps.

The various actions undertaken will be addressed, presenting the best practices, discussing the mistakes and problems encountered, highlighting what worked and what didn’t. The great novelty in the LIFE WolfAlps approach was to implement coordinated conservation actions at alpine level, in Italy and Slovenia, and in collaboration with other countries.

The second day (In English with Italian translation) the conference get international: the most important management issues concerning the European wolf populations will be presented by internationally renowned experts, members of the Large Carnivorous Initiative for Europe (LCIE), specialisist group of the IUCN.





Registration allows priority entry, priority acquired expires 10 minutes before conference start.


LIFE WOLFALPS mid-project conference – Cuneo, 22 January 2016


Further information:


CALL FOR POSTERS: through the registration form is possibile to send proposals for scientific posters on the themes of ecology, ethology, management, conservation, education and communication of the wolf in Italy and Europe. Please find here more info and guidelines for poster submission.


PRE-CONFERENCE, 18 March 2018, MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Trento

A day at the MUSE – Science Museum dedicated to the wolf to present in an informal setting the main results of the LIFE WOLFALPS project with a special focus on communication initiatives for the general public. There is no need to register at the main conference to participate in the pre-conference.


FIRST DAY, 19 March 2018, Teatro Auditorium, Trento

Wolf – human coexistence in the Alps: status and conservation actions in the framework of the LIFE WolfAlps project

The LIFE WolfAlps project, which has become the alpine reference point on any wolf issue since 5 years, has almost come to its conclusion. The novelty of the project is to address for the first time in Italy the topic of coexistence between wolf and man at the population level, considering in particular the wolf population on the Italian-Slovenian Alps.

The LIFE WolfAlps Project has developed concrete actions to preserve the species with different goals coordinated at the Italian Alpine level, seeking to deepen the important issue of coexistence between wolf and man: from preventing domestic attacks against illegal killing, to experimental exploitation of the wolf in ecotourism, from the control of the hybridization, to a 360 degree communication strategy, and the organization of regional workshops to coordinate the alpine management through a careful and systematic species monitoring necessary for the implementation of the aforementioned actions. Each of these goals have been pursued over the five years and the entire Alpine area with a very effective approach: a scientific analysis of the initial state, the implementation of concrete actions, and a final and critical analysis of effectiveness of the actions carried out. This conference aims to highlight the main results of the project, presenting the best practices, discussing the mistakes and problems encountered, highlighting what worked and what didn’t in order to discuss together the possibilities for improvement.

The first day of the conference will therefore be an opportunity for everyone to discuss the present and future of coexistence between wolf and man on the Alps, starting from structured scientific analysis, which is also dedicated to the discussion panel closing the day.


SECOND DAY 20 March 2018, Teatro Auditorium, Trento

Major Issues in wolf conservation and management across Europe

The second day of the conference aims to discuss and present the major issues in wolf conservation and management across Europe. Challenges in wolf-human coexistence will be treated at the European level: management of hybridization and bold wolves, monitoring standards, best practices, new communication opportunities, legal frameworks, will be presented and major issues highlighted by the most important international experts, members of the LCIE, a SSC of IUCN. The conference will be one of the best opportunities to openly discuss the future of the conservation and management of the wolf populations in the European framework.




The conference is organized in collaboratione with LCIE – Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe