FINAL CONFERENCE: the definitive agenda

Pubblicato il: 5 March 2018 da: LIFE WOLFALPS

Two days of main conference, one of pre-conference: you are more than 500 participants but therea re a few seats left… The definitive program of the LIFE WOLFALPS final conference is online. Free registration via the conference page.    

Workshop “The presence of the wolf (and large carnivores) as a value for the territory”

Pubblicato il: 6 July 2017 da: Carlo Maiolini

The 3rd and 4th of July 2017 the networking workshop “The presence of wolf (and great predators) for the valorisation of the territory” was carried out by the LIFE WOLFALPS project on the theme of ecotourism. In the evocative setting of the Val Masino, hosted by Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna di Filorera, Comune di Valmasino (SO), the delegates of the
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LIFE WOLFALPS CONFERENCE, Cuneo – 22nd of January 2016

Pubblicato il: 29 December 2015 da: LIFE WOLFALPS

The Wolf Population in the Alps: Status and Management, Cuneo 2nd of January 2016: The conference will address the issue of the natural return of the wolf in the Alps: give an update on the status of the population in each Alpine country, from France to Slovenia, and discuss the species’ conservation on the long term, also touching the debated topic of its management.