The Wolf Population in the Alps:

Status and Conservation Actions


Cuneo – 22nd of January 2016

Centro Incontri Provincia di Cuneo, Corso Dante 41




The conference will address the issue of the natural return of the wolf in the Alps: give an update on the status of the population in each Alpine country, from France to Slovenia, and discuss the species’ conservation on the long term, also touching the debated topic of its management.

The morning will be devoted to describe the concrete conservation actions undertaken under the Project LIFE WolfAlps: from the preventive methods promoted to contrast wolf attacks on livestock to the illegal killing control, from the development of new wolf ecotourism programs to the control of hybridization, also through the discipline of the recovery of injured or dead wolves in Piedmont.

In the afternoon, some of the leading international experts will present to the public the updated status of the wolf population in the Alps shared among different countries: an opportunity to discuss in depth the important issue of coexistence between wolf and man, for which a dedicated discussion panel will close the day.

The LIFE WolfAlps Conference is organized in collaboration with the Italian Delegation of the Alpine Convention, which for the occasion will host a meeting of the Platform WISO (Large Carnivores, Wild Ungulates and Society) that will take place on 20th – 21st of January at the Maritime Alps Natural Park in Valdieri.

The event is also organized in partnership with the 21° Memorial “Danilo Re”, a sporting event that will take place on the 21st-24th of January 2016 in Chiusa Pesio (Marguareis Natural Park), which involve the staff of Alpine protected areas. A video, testimony of the commitment of some Alpine Protected Areas in wolves’ monitoring and conservation programs, will be presented later in the day.

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Participation is open to the public and free.

Due to the limited availability of seats, registration is compulsory.

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